Lyrics & Scripture

As another busy pastoral week approached me, meeting after meeting continued to come up. Every day, the notifications on my phone continued to remind me of more things that had to be accomplished. The days quickly started to go by. I looked up and it’s Friday morning which was usually my day off. Realizing I have spent zero time preparing Sunday’s worship set, I hastily picked a few songs, rehearsed them, and prepared for the worship team rehearsal. The weekend was busy as we had outreach events and mission teams to greet. Here we are, now, Sunday morning. Everything was in place, lights were ready, sound check, the band in place, vocalists ready, and the set began. Before I knew it, we had started and I realized that I had nothing really to say. My mind was running a mile a minute and I realized how unprepared I was. After the Sunday morning worship gathering I had to think, “why did I not feel ready?” The songs were picked, music sounded good, vocalists sounded good, everything seemed to be in place, but at best, it was just a good ‘set’.

A good set is not our job on Sunday morning. Christ-centered exhortations, shepherding, encouraging, challenge, confessing sin…THAT is our job Sunday morning. From that day I realized I needed a good system to think through what it looks like to be truly ‘prepared’ and I wanted to that system with you.

1.Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray the Lord brings clarity to your week and what you can encourage the congregation through.

2. Be strategic with issues your community is facing and how to deal with it through the liturgy and/or song selection.

3.When you pick the songs, take time during your devotions to find bible verses that match the song. Think through what the passage is saying, who the writer is talking to, and gospel application.

4.Pray through, study, soak in, and let those verses minister to you through the week.

5.Robust & genuine exhortation does not come from what is studied, rather, from the overflow of what the Lord encouraged/challenged YOU with through the passages. Let the Holy Spirit do what He will at that point.

6.Give a 3-4 minute explanation to your team at the rehearsal of what these songs are trying to convey. This will help you communicate the vision for the Sunday so you all are on one accord as well as verbalize what you have been praying and thinking through almost like an ‘exhortation rehearsal’ for yourself before the worship gathering.

This has helped me tremendously and I pray it does the same for you. Until next time…